Dffoo stone debuff

Make an oc based off of yourself using this template! In other words, if you were a final fantasy character, what would you look like? What would your personality be like? And finally: if you had a skillset, what would it be? Remember that the more original and detailed your answers are, the higher chance you have of winning!

Now for the prizes! You have until March 27th to submit your entry! A hashtag is already provided in the template, so no need to remember to add one yourself. This is all you really need to know about the challenge itself, but we know not everyone here plays Opera Omnia and knows how it works, so Huge thanks to Magi for helping me out with this section! As for everyone else Opera Omnia has a turn based battle system using the bravery brv for short scale. You then have to use an hp attack, which consumes all of the brv you have accumulated and deals it as damage on the enemy.

Brv breaks also delay the broken target by one turn and give a small amount of brv to the opponent. Skills sometimes give buffs to either themselves or the party or debuff the opponent.

Brv regen: character regenerates a certain amount of brv each turn usually dependent on mbrv or int brv. See buffs but with negative effects atk down, mbrv down, poison instead of brv regenetc. If you have another buff in mind, feel free to put it to use.

Does the ability attack only one target or all? Now Skills that are offensive, you must have some kind of damage, with either Brv or HP. Grants Buffs [Lights Will] and [Shield].

And Overhealing converted to Brave. The EX ability has to be charged up using abilities, brv attacks, and hp attacks, with abilities charging them the most.

The faster the EX recast speed is, the less attacks you have to do in order to get it back up. However, note that for the generally, the stronger the ability is, the slower the recast speed is.

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If you have any questions, feel free to drop them down in the comments! Sounds pretty fun! So, the OC template is what we're doing?Many in GL have been hoarding their gems waiting for this moment. More after the break!

DissidiaDB bestiary. The ability names are translated from Japanese. As such, they may change upon global release. The turn count is tight and a single petrify could ruin your run. Try to avoid it at all costs! You will need a way to deal with this. Options include summoning and shaving, bringing in a friend unit with Gravity reducing BRV by a set percentageor running your own unit with gravity.

[DFFOO] Kimahri CHAOS Team Waifu(Yuna, Tifa, Y'shtola)

Once broken, the BRV damage reduction will no longer be in effect. Otherwise, following Aqua Power it will do Break. Break will inflict a framed Petrify for two turns. For this reason, Warrior of Light was very popular for this fight, as his elude buff and taunt allows him to hopefully dodge the debuff. Then, when they are in red HP, they will do a third Aqua Power immedaitely after using Banishing Gaze, without using another turn. Most teams summoned shortly after the second Aqua Power and burned them both down as fast as possible to avoid the third and most devastating one.

Check out the link for the full list of team compositions, video links to clears, etc. Ultimecia is finally here and her event is very challenging.

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dffoo stone debuff

I used to play Vainglory. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Stay Connected. All Rights Reserved. Back to Top.It serves as the Limit Break system, granting access to an ultimate, exclusive ability for each character.

Initially, as with other weapons, equipping a weapon with an EX ability will make it available for use. By upgrading the weapon through Limit Breakthe EX Ability will be upgraded with additional passives; and once the weapon is fully upgraded, the EX ability will become an equippable skill.

EX Abilities are given to select characters through updates. The initial wave was released alongside Chapter 11 and level cap awakening to Level 60, and featured Cloud and Shantotto's EX weapons. Character events from Royal Hope forward carry an EX weapon for one of the three boosted characters. Lost Chapters from Princess of Alexandria forward offer EX weapons for the featured character in their release draws. In the Japanese release, EX weapons can be evolved beyond maximum level to become even stronger with new passives via Realization.

To promote this feature, release draws starting with Garland's event offer two featured EX weapons for boosted characters. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. EX Abilities tutorial. Contents [ show ]. Add an image. Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia. Limit Breaks. Recurring abilities.

Game specific abilities. Lists of abilities. Categories :. Cancel Save. BRV potency is based on the Shield durability values of all party members. Grants Medium Speed Up for 5 turns. Targets are delayed by 1 turn if the attack lands.

Inflicts Explosion for 5 turns. Explosion steals a certain amount of BRV at the end of the turn. Grants 3 Ninja stacks max.

Turns into Meteorite if Sage is active. BRV hits are dispersed if there is more than one enemy. Grants 3 Sage stacks max. Turns into Blade Torrent if Ninja or no stance is active. After using Dark Cannon, Darkness and Valiant recover 1 use up to the initial values. Initiates a Chase Sequence. Inflicts Ice Resistance Down for 4 turns. Moderately increases BRV damage against a single target. HP damage is equally divided among all targets.

Ignores DEF. Moderately raises BRV damage dealt against a single target. Inflicts Water Resistance Down to all enemies for 4 turns.More after the break!

DissidiaDB bestiary. The ability names are translated from Japanese. As such, they may change upon global release. This fight is only two waves, but do not be fooled!

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The first wave is our good old friend, Wight Priest. The priest also begins by casting Hastegaincreasing their speed. The difficulty here is that these are no baby adds, they haveHP each! Since you cannot attack the priest until the adds are defeated, he will likely hit one of you with an HP attack. The good news is it is slightly slower in this form, and also highly susceptible to launches. Clearing it on the first shot is imperitive if you want to make the turn count.

However, it has 1,HPso you will need help to defeat it. Bring a Cloud friend here. Your team should be able to beat it before re-summoning with the help of two paralyzes. Alternatively, you could use a Quistis friend to delay it, but this will deal less damage than Cloud. Depending on your team, this may or may not matter.

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This attack charges up after 4T and he uses it on the 5th turn. Also make sure you recast buffs to push off the debuffs as they are not framed. However, it does make the fight very manageable and allow for more breaks with a lower iBRV. Knowing these mechanics, the fight is very straightforward. The only issue here is that it has 3. This will be a marathon fight.

Keep your health up, deal as much damage as possible. Save your burst damage for when it becomes red HP and summon and go hog wild!Discussion in ' Guides ' started by LeprechaunJul 30, Log in or Sign up. Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia forum. Click HERE for more details.

Chat has been added! Scroll down and join the live discussion. Giveaway Chat. Jul 30, 1. Messages: Likes Received: Hello, everyone! There may be new people joining us so Why not writing a guide on I'll try to explain everything, so In this game you control a team of 3 characters from your favourite games unlike RK and BE there is no new character from this game to clear events and story mode.

Enjoy a whole new story with interactions between characters from different worlds! Is this game really free? Or have I to pay to proceed with story? Yes, this game is free to play, there are microtransaction tho you know, servers are not free and developers have to eat.

Microtransactions are not bad like other games, you can keep play without spending as just by playing this game! But if I want to build a party of my favourites I have to pay, right? No, you don't! In this game you get your characters just by playing story chapters And if you lose that character event It'll come back in a permanent event! If you play the gl version you have a great gift: clairvoyance! You know what characters are going to get their weapons yes, just like rk you pull for weapons and when, so you can save for them!

This means I have to chase a weapon and not getting it? I don't like it.

Contract damages must be caused by the breach

This game knows people doesn't like to gamble without a reward, soFor Harcore. Wen play only is good or not got but stone five :fantasma:. Well the blog nevalistis told us about should explain the thoughts behind the item changes I guess. The trade off is simply too much. Armor is a generic damage reduction. Has anyone considered if on gear reduction in crowd control or invigorating gemstone reduce or remove the penalty?!

That would change how it works. The attack speed is sooo slow with Furnace in hand it is actually amusing. It works very well on Akkhan Condemn, but i think the attack speed debuff is making it too exclusive….

This item should force the player to stay and fight.

Recommended Artifact Passives for each Character

Perhaps the legendary effect should only reduce movement speed, with the condition that it pierces CC immunity. If players want to save their mobility, they counteract it by equipping run speed buffs, wings of hope, tactical advantage, etc. I made a post asking basically the same thing and the more I mess with them the more useless they seem.

A big waste of a leg affix IMO. If anyone is still interested in these gloves i found a great use for them. I am currently building a crusader shield bash character. Shield bash also charges the enemy when attacking.

DFFOO OC Challenge!

Also charging an enemy with shield bash is not affected by the walk run reduction and if you hold shift and left click you will charge whatever enemy is under your curser without multiple clicks. With only 3 ancient items currently on i max at about 2 million toughness. I am focusing on cooldown reduction to get that akarat resource reduction.

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Then i am gearing for some resource reduction and life per hit. Currently my life per hit is about 90, with buffs not including potion life on hit.

The idea behind this build is to emulate the zeal paladin. Decent damage paired with great life regeneration from attacking to offset the damage taken. I beg the differ. The penalty can be negated by any means that immune your character from any form of crowd control effect AKA Archon, Akarat, Wrath of the Berserker, Epiphany, Vengence or even invigorating gem stone. As i mentioned Any form of crowd control immunity not all forms of CC meaning even wearing a pair of Ice climbers Yes the boots will give you immunity to the movement speed and attack speed penalty these gloves provide.

I hope this was somewhat informative. The gloves are godlike for IK Hota Barbs. No penalties in berserker form.So having played a lot of DFFOO, we have compiled a tier list for global on recommended units you should be using.

dffoo stone debuff

Update: Check out the updated tier list here. Now keep in mind that all characters at the current level can clear ALL regular content without much trouble. So it is more of who does a certain job better. The characters are graded at how well they perform a certain role compared to the rest. We have categorized the list into these primary roles. Some characters can be in multiple categories. If that condition is fulfilled, you can easily fill up your BRV bar to near max with just one Solid Barrel attack.

That makes him a very good BRV shaver. Cloud is the all rounder that does everything pretty well. Paralysis is excellent enemy loses 1 turnespecially if you have Ogrenix weapon that further improves the chance of that. His second skill Finishing Touch guarantees a knock up and allows your team to shave off more BRV or get extra attack turns.

dffoo stone debuff

The only downside is that it only has 1 charge. Oh boy. Vaan is a solid attacker that decimates enemies. First skill is non-elemental while the second skill is wind elemental, so it will do well against enemies weak to wind. Chant and destroy! Her attacks are unique as you chant to improve your HP attack.

With a high turn rate on both her skills, she does very good damage. First skill also grants attack and max BRV up. Second skill grants attack and speed up. Once you enchant, you also get 1.

Laguna is a very strong character due to his utility. He does great damage against BOTH single and multiple targets.

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